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My 2017 Reading List

As I’m new to the blogging community and my reading has been slacking with the stress of uni I thought I’d share my reading list in the hopes I can indulge and bring you more reviews! I was lucky enough to be gifted so many books around my birthday and Christmas that I now have a list in the double figures. They seem impossible to get through at the moment, but here is a list of a few of my most anticipated reads.


  1. Bridget Jones’s Diary

I’ve never been so excited to read a book in my life, thanks Mum for the Christmas present! This is one of my favourite films of all time and is my February read. Normally I’m a slow reader but I’m whizzing my way through this already so hopefully the review will be with you soon.

  1. Tolkien

My Dad is a huge Tolkien fan (must thank my parents for the wonderful taste in books!) and after reading The Hobbit and falling in love with it many years ago I knew it was time to tackle The Lord of the Rings. I have a beautiful trilogy waiting for me.

  1. Roseblood

This is the book I received in the My Bookish Crate January box – Music and Monsters theme. I’m not always a fan of romance, but I can’t wait to broaden my horizons and read a newly released book instead.

  1. Heartless

I was supposed to receive this book in My Bookish Crate’s November box for my 21st but unfortunately it went missing in the post. Retellings of classics look like a new and exciting trend. To get over the disappointment I will certainly be reading Heartless this year.

  1. Flawed

My wonderful best friend at uni gifted me Flawed, by Cecelia Ahern, for Christmas. I’m unsure what to expect from this book but my Mum informed me that Ahern has also written non-YA novels, so I’m eager to see how this works for her.


This is just a brief look at my soon-to-be reads, but I aim to read lots more throughout the year! As a teen I was an avid reader but university life just gets in the way. Third year is more stressful than ever, so what’s a better excuse to escape reality than a book? As well as these wonderful books I received throughout November and December, I hope to read more classics and broaden my horizons by trying different genres. I am extremely rubbish with keeping up to date with new novels, YA, fantasy, or otherwise, so that’s my challenge this year.

Let me know your most anticipated reads this year and maybe I’ll add them to my list too.

Happy reading!

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