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Murmuration – One Word Daily Prompt

I wanted to do something a little different today, in response to the one-word daily prompt! Here is a small section of creative writing I worked on for a project at university.


It was almost peaceful watching the orange glow in the distance, like an early sunset against the cloudless sky. Where’s all the wildlife? Thought Prima. Birds chirped in the distance but they were nowhere to be seen. She took her two hands and assembled them with thumbs crossing over and began to flap her hands, creating a bird. It was gentle at first, like wings gliding in the breeze, until her arms swung higher and higher in a dance. They swirled above her head, capturing Thane’s gaze, mesmerizing him.

“What are you doing?” He asked.

Prima giggled and stood up to continue her dance, her whole body becoming the birds she only wished she could see. She looked free against the open backdrop of the never ending green.

“Fly!” She shouted to Thane, encouraging him to join her. He stood up, wearily at first, embarrassment taking over his face. But as petite arms twisted around him in a trance he was compelled to join. They both twirled across the grass like Starling’s performing their murmuration in the burning glow of the sun.


via Daily Prompt: Murmuration


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