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My Top 5 Disney Mums

I’ve been unimaginably busy with the hectic assessment schedule that comes with being a third year drama student at university. Unfortunately this means I don’t have any books or films to review for you (I’m slowly making my way through The Lord of the Rings, so that will be with you soon!). So, I thought I’d do something a little different. I was inspired by Mother’s Day, being separated from my own mum, and a recent mini Disney marathon. Today I’m going to share with you some of my most inspirational animated mums or mother-figures, because sometimes guardians are just as good!

  1. Elinor – Brave:

Elinor BraveOne of the most important, and slightly underrated Disney princess films. Not only was this a milestone for Pixar, being their first princess, but it is a great example of real family life. No family dynamic is perfect, trust me! But it is obvious that Elinor is just trying to do what she thinks is best for Merida. She takes becoming a bear pretty well (let’s be real, your mum would freak out), she still attempts to care for her daughter and mischievous triplets, and redeems herself at the end. The best mums are the ones who listen to you, even if they want to smother you forever.

  1. Perdita – 101 Dalmatians:

My next inspirational mum is a furry friend. Ponga and Purdita are incredible parents who put their skills to the test when all of their puppies are stolen. We see them journey across the country, rally their four-legged friends, and stop at nothing to retrieve their pups. Not only do they save the day, but they adopt the other puppies too! They are the most wonderful parents, as are their human counterparts, too.Perdita 101 dalmatians

  1. Aunt Cass – Big Hero 6:

Aunt Cass big hero 6This is one of my all-time favourite films and even amongst the larger than life superheroes, I can’t help but notice Aunt Cass. She may seem a little wild and not notice that her nephew is off bot fighting and villain destroying, but she took in two children who lost their parents. Hiro and Tadashi fit into her life like the missing piece of the puzzle, and throughout the film she accepts Hiro’s new friends too. Cass is clearly a natural mother-figure, welcoming anyone who steps foot into her café. Anyone who looks after someone else’s children is a hero in my eyes.

  1. Kala – Tarzan:

Kala TarzanKala is always someone I think I have subconsciously admired from a young age. Again, another adoptive parent, she takes on baby Tarzan when she finds him abandoned and left for dead. Fighting off an aggressive big cat and establishing his place within the band of gorillas, she takes on the role of mother. Despite challenges from the group, she still protects him at all costs. Kala crosses the boundaries of animal and human love, ignoring the differences and encouraging inclusion. Not only is this a positive message, it puts her up there with my favourite Disney mums!

  1. Nani – Lilo and Stitch:

Not only is Lilo and Stitch my all-time favourite Disney film, but Nani is also my number 1 Disney mum, or mother-figure in this case. At age 19, she is now the legal guardian of her little sister, 6-year-old Lilo. Even at 21, I could not imagine being the parent of a young child. However, she takes this in her stride and accepts the challenge. It is clearly a bumpy ride, but we know in our hearts that Nani is doing everything she can to raise her sister right, just like their parents would have wanted. She even denies her love to David just to care for Lilo. Their relationship is pushed to the limits when Stitch enters their life and turns it upside down, but Nani still continues to try. She will always be my favourite mother-figure in Disney history, and she inspires me to be a better person in every aspect of my life.Nani Lilo and stitch

Disney mums are clearly strong women with endless love for their children. Let’s not forget all of the wonderful ladies who didn’t get a mention today; Mrs Potts, Duchess from Aristocrat’s, Mrs Incredible, The Emperor’s New Groove’s Chicha, and many, many more. They teach us some wonderful lessons and make me truly appreciate my own, crazy yet lovable mum. Thanks Disney!

Please feel free to share your own favourite Disney mums below, happy reading!

[All gif credit to Giphy]

3 thoughts on “My Top 5 Disney Mums

  1. I watched Brave for the first time at the weekend and loved it. Some of the scenes, especially near the end, got me a bit teary. Elinor really is one of the best Disney Mums! 🙂

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