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The Blurt Foundation Buddy Box Unboxing

This week I returned home from a stressful day at university to a mystery parcel which turned out to be a Buddy Box from The Blurt Foundation, a site that helps with mental health. I have always wanted a Buddy Box, but I’m cautious with value for money and how much I will enjoy the things inside with mystery boxes. Luckily, I was sent a box from my mum as a surprise! In today’s post I’m going to post an unboxing, sharing what’s inside and hopefully encouraging you to treat yourself too.

I received April’s Buddy Box Lite (a mini version of their monthly box), which was themed ‘You’re Outta This World’. Each box is embossed and designed for the theme which is a lovely touch and made me excited to open it. I was grinning from ear to ear as I looked inside – the ‘hug in a box’ description was definitely true!


The main gift in this box was a book – You are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life, by Jen Sincero. This is a sort of self-care and help book, helping you to learn about yourself and tackle life. I have never read anything like this, but have always been curious to see what they are like. I will definitely look forward to reading this and reviewing it here!


Inside the box I found two more gifts. The first was a pin badge of a spaceship with a cat in the window that said ‘you’re outta this world’. This matched perfectly with the theme and was a fun extra that made me smile. I have always loved the thought of owning a pin collection (I secretly want a cool denim jacket covered in them!) but they’re usually pricey, so I loved having this in the box. Secondly, there was a bath bomb with an intergalactic theme. It had little star sprinkles on the top and was called ‘starlight’. It smelt lavender-like to me, and I have completely fallen in love with that scent recently, so I’m excited to get home and use it.


There was also a space themed quote, a list of the objects and their price, and a place for your mystery sender to write a message, or for you to thank yourself for being so kind! Every box includes a mini ‘Zine’ magazine that aims to make you feel good, and a postcard encouraging you to share your photos on Instagram and win a Buddy Box for a friend.


This is a seriously wonderful gift that cheered me up amongst all my university assessments stress and future career worries! The box was great value for money as the gifts inside exceeded the amount you pay. I was so impressed with how much you get inside the Lite box, and I’m sure the standard box is the same. I would recommend anyone to treat themselves to the Lite box if you’re having a hard time or need a pick me up for only £12, or the full box for £21.50 if you’re feeling adventurous. This made my week and has kept me feeling happy and holding my world together.

Remember, everyone deserves to be happy and healthy and it’s okay to treat yourself, you deserve it. Happy reading!

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