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My Go-To Lush Products Available Now!

I am a huge Lush fanatic and would spend all my money testing the huge variety of products if I could. Whether I’m picking up bath time essentials or I’m looking for a treat I’ll always head to Lush. It can seem impossible to afford such luxury items as a student, or anyone on a budget, so I’m here to help you with my Lush essentials that you can always find time (and a small bit of spare cash) for. These are my go-to items that I always like to have, and are totally available for you to buy in-store or online now!


Shower Gels – The Comforter

For as long as I can remember I have used the Lush bath products, picking up a new soap whenever mine ran out. I recently transitioned to shower gels and have never looked back! These are the softest gels I’ve used, leaving you moisturised for hours. You’ll only need a tiny bit to lather up enough bubbles for your whole shower, so they last a while too. I’m not currently using any that are in stock, but I have recently emptied ‘The Comforter‘ and would totally recommend it to you all. It has a beautiful scent of vanilla and blackcurrant which is the perfect sweet combination for the morning wake up.



Bath Bombs – Twilight

I love all Lush bath bombs but for this item I specifically want to recommend Twilight (also pictured above), the lavender scented delight. When I get a chance to escape from my student house to the luxury of a bath at home I always jump at the chance to use a bath bomb. After trialling so many of their products, from bath bombs to bubble bars, the regular products to seasonal specials, I can confirm that Twilight is my official fave and I would use it all the time if I could. It starts off a lovely lilac colour but holds a surprise beneath, and even fizzes! The lavender scent is extremely relaxing – perfect for that post exam treat. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy I’d also recommend Intergalactic, Dragon’s Egg, and Butterball.



Lip Balms – Key Lime Pie

I am never seen without a trusty lip balm and have tried a huge amount of brands to find my favourite one, and this year I settled on Lush’s lip balms. Whilst they seem expensive at first, I have had mine for months and barely touched the sides with daily uses. Coming in a variety of gorgeous scents you’ll definitely find one suited to you. These give immediate relief to dry and cracked lips with their cocoa butter and are even glittery to make you feel fab. My personal choice was Key Lime Pie which has zesty fragrances, my favourites! Whilst they may seem expensive for a lip balm, other brands are not much cheaper and Lush lip balms do the jobs as well as leaving you looking and smelling ready to kiss.



Skin Care – Charity Pot

I have always had terribly sensitive skin that makes it hard to find a skin product I both love and actually keeps my skin healthy and not dry. I was recommended this by Lush staff years ago and tried Charity Pot in their £1 mini pocket tin, which you can still buy. Now I use it every night before bed without fail. It’s not too greasy but also thick enough that your skin is moisturised so you can really feel the product working. I would definitely recommend this to anyone with dry or sensitive skin, or in general if you’re looking to treat yourself well. Even better, Charity Pot teams up with charities to donate money to worthy causes, so you’re doing a little bit of good too.



Feet – Pumice Power

Now I know this seems like a boring product when you look at the photo, but it is, in fact, wonderful. As a drama student I am often bare foot and active, standing on my feet for hours. I noticed they started to get hard from this so I tried Pumice Power, a cheap product to use in shower to get your feet feeling and looking soft again. This little bar foams up in the shower and has transformed my feet. My shower amenities are never complete without this and I use it whenever I can my feet need a little bit of care. If you’re on your feet all day working, doing a practical degree like me, or need a little bit of TLC after a long weekend in heels, this is the product for you.



Will you be using any of these products soon? Let me know you go-to Lush products or what you’ve recently used for that pamper treat you deserve!

Happy reading!

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