My Monthly Me

My Monthly Me – May

It’s that time of the month again where I wrap up what I’ve been up to and think about what I might like to achieve within the June. I can’t believe my first instalment was only one month ago as May has been the most hectic time of my life! I officially finished university, handed in my dissertation, and had my final Drama Ball meaning this month has been one surreal whirlwind of stress, sadness, and so much love.

All of you other students out there probably understand how I’m feeling about finishing university; it just can’t be summed up well in words but is an unreal sensation. I performed my final ever practical assessment at university, which also marks the end of my practical drama life (for now, anyway). I handed in my dissertation which was terribly scary but I was so proud of my work. I wrote about dramatherapy for Autistic Spectrum Disorder, for anyone interested. Does that mean I’m adult? What about a job? 17 non-stop years in education has been a blast but I’m definitely enjoying my break at home with my family and friends for now, but hopefully a job will be on the horizon soon (please employ me!!).

My last ever performance

A look back at April’s goals…

Last month my goals were largely blog based and, whilst it’s been slow, I have taken the time to update my blog, including a menu and an About Me page I’ve fallen in love with. My reading didn’t pick up as Lord of the Rings was a huge task amongst the stress of assessments (check out my review here), but I’ve expanded my blog content and I’m glad of  that.

What does June have in store?

I’m not setting any goals for June. ‘Why’ you ask? Well, it’s been a roller coaster ride so I’m quickly grabbing the breaks and enjoying some time to myself whilst I wait for my results – reading, sightseeing, job hunting, and much much more. I bought some wonderful books this month and have more planned (don’t tell my Mum, I’m on a book ban) which I hope to bring to you in a post, and have a few blogging ideas stored away ready to bring to life.

Current read!

What goals have you set yourself for the summer? Any reading recommendations I can spoil myself with? Can’t wait to hear from you all and read you inspiring posts!

Happy reading!


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