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Scent Circus Wax Melts Review


I thought I’d bring you something a little different on my blog today so buckle up for my review of my recent Scent Circus order. If you’re not familiar with Scent Circus, they sell gorgeous little wax melts for your burners for bargain prices. You can buy a monthly subscription box or a selection of melts, including their signature poops which I will be showing off in this post! I am a HUGE fan of candles and always have one burning, but last summer I discovered wax melts and they really changed the game. This is my first Scent Circus order but they are quickly becoming my favourite wax shop. Let’s have a little look at what I bought and what I think about my order…


When I opened my little compact box the Scent Circus bag sat on top, concealing my melts underneath. Every order gets one free bag and they are such good quality. Not only are the melts absolutely adorable, but the scent was so strong I could smell it when the box was still closed! So far, so good. I ordered their special poop melts inspired by mythical creatures, such as the unicorn and mermaid. For £1 you get two mini poops. These are small melts but fit perfectly in my little burner which was a bonus. Each melt is clearly well thought out with fragrances that often fit the mythical creature, such as cream and Irish whiskey for the leprechaun melt, and include extra details which make them even more special, like sequins and glitter on top. Each box is packed with confetti which put a smile on my face when I opened the box.


I know what you’re all thinking. We get that these are uber cute but answer the most important question – what do these melts smell like? Here is a list of the melt and corresponding fragrance as described online.

Unicorn Poop – rainbow jelly bean

Mermaid Poop – tropical fruits and sea breeze

Flamingo Poop – candy floss, vanilla and marshmallows

Leprechaun Poop – salted caramel, vanilla, buttercream and a dash of Irish whiskey

Fairy Poop – marshmallow, rose, raspberry and vanilla

Pixie Poop – bluebell, orange blossom and jasmine

I am currently sat burning a Fairy Poop as a test and I am seriously impressed with how strong the fragrance is. It easily fills the whole room and has even leaked onto the landing through the closed door. The scent is delicious and delicate. They burn down quickly and the fragrance is released almost instantly so your house is left smelling like your magical creature choice. Luckily for me I love sweet fragrances so I can’t wait to try all the others!


Each box also gets an Admit One ticket, and once you collect ten you receive a free box of melts! Whilst I don’t order often enough from the same shop to probably ever qualify, it’s a great incentive and a nice gesture, too.


Overall, I am so pleased with my first Scent Circus order and would recommend it to everyone. The six poop melts are a great starter and a bargain price to try. I’ve used a few different melts and shops now and Scent Circus is definitely one of the best. Each fragrance is individual to the theme of the melt and is very strong. The company clearly puts a lot of thought into the design of each melt, as well as all the extra touches for delivery. I ordered these of Friday and received them this morning (Monday) so the service is fab, too. I will definitely be ordering again and may even treat myself to a surprise subscription box.


I hope you all liked my review and may even give Scent Circus a go yourself. What are your favourite wax melt shops? Any recommendations for me to try?

Happy reading!

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