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Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason Review

I recently finished reading Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, the second book by Helen Fielding which sees the return of our favourite Singleton. If you didn’t already know, I reviewed the first book earlier this year (catch it here!). It’s become a bit of a Bible since so The Edge of Reason is like my New Testament. As you can probably guess, I loved it. It was every bit as funny as before, giving a further insight into Bridget’s unstable life.

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason brings back the lovable girl power trio, and of course the dreamy Mark Darcy. Except this time everything is going well for Bridget. Her relationship is blossoming, she has a good job at Sit Up Britain, and she is still the strong independent woman she dreams of being… with the help of a few self help books of course! The best thing about Bridget is the unsuspecting chaos that consumes her life. As the year unfolds The Edge of Reason continues to further her story with hilarious wit amongst every disaster faced between Bridget and her crazy friends. This books definitely has a focus on the future as the drunk singles from the first diary try to hold down serious boyfriends, with holidays, parties, weddings and screaming children all thrown in. Of course nothing runs smoothly, which makes the sequel so enjoyable. We all love reading stories which make our lives look somewhat normal!

Now I know this review is very bias as I adore everything about Bridget Jones, but this really is a wonderful book. I was worried about the lack of Daniel Cleaver at first as he had me laughing out loud before, but this was still a funny book that made me smile and squirm at all the awkward and adorable moments. I was also lucky to read it at this particular moment as the context really resonated with me at this particular time. Bridget was keen to vote for Tony Blair and New Labour, which all my other British readers will know if iconic with the recent election. Dating, of course, is as much a mystery to me as it was to Bridget and her friends all those years ago. This books has many iconic moments, okay, mainly Renée Zellweger’s hilarious rendition of Madonna in the Thai prison! I sped through this book just like I did before, laughing and cringing at all the right moments. Fielding is truly talented for catching the individual, and now infamous, voice of Bridget through her diaries.

Bridget Jones: The Edge of reason is yet another brilliant book. An easy and fun read, the sequel reaches (what we hope is) more of a resolution, but only the third book will tell. I would definitely recommend this book and stand by my comment in my original view that all girls should read these books at some point in their adult life. I can’t wait to read Bridget Jones’ Baby, which was conveniently on sale this week so I just had to pick it up, and review that for you all too!

A 10/10 read! Happy Reading!

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