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Scent Circus The Big Top Box – Neverland Unboxing:

My Scent Circus Big Top Box arrived this week and I was so eager to open it! For those of you unfamiliar with Scent Circus, The Big Top Box is their monthly subscription box for wax melts. Each month a new theme brings you six exclusive melts. After graduating university with a First I knew I had to treat myself and I definitely couldn’t say no when July’s theme was revealed to be ‘Neverland’, inspired by Peter Pan! I adored my first order from Scent Circus, which I reviewed here, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed with this order either. Today I’m going to unbox the surprise box for you, sharing the content and all my thoughts.


My box arrived through the post stamped with the Big Top logo and sealed with a Neverland theme sticker. It was immediately clear that Scent Circus were going to make a lot of effort with their subscription box. When I opened it up the melts were wrapped in green tissue paper, sealed with a sticker reading ‘All you need it faith, trust, and a little pixie dust’, fitting in perfectly with the monthly theme. As usual, the contents was covered in confetti, and it even matched the theme as well with little Mickey Mouse silhouettes and a Peter Pan colour scheme. It seems silly to get excited about confetti and stickers but I’m seriously impressed with Scent Circus for their attention to detail and dedication to the theme.


Each monthly subscription box contains six exclusive melts that can’t be purchased on their site, all crafted for the theme. The Neverland box had very vibrant and magical melts that fitted all aspects of the Peter Pan film. I was blown away by how pretty they were. I’ve seen some good wax melts throughout my obsessions, but these moulds and shapes are the best by far. They’re also a great size, making them a bargain for the price, and perfectly snap in half to be used in your burner. This box included a Peter Pan and Tinkerbell themed melt, as well as a few outside of the box ideas; such as, ‘HOOK, Line & Sinker’ and a beautiful white feather to represent the Darling’s. As usual, the melts are covered in detail and glitter to make them even more special. My personal favourite is the gold glitter on top of the purple treasure chest, shining like a pirate’s loot!


Included in each box is a detailed poster with the name of each melt, a scent description, and a picture. This is pretty helpful for people like me, whose nose isn’t that great at sniffing out the particular elements of a smell. Each melt signified an aspect of the film and had a play on words name to match, like ‘Skull Island’ and ‘Never Grow Up’. You can see a picture of the sheet below, in case you’re wondering what kind of scents you may find in a box. This month there was a good variety, from the sweet and fun, to the floral and elegant, so there’s always something for everyone! I’m currently burning ‘You’re A Darling’ as a tester and can safely say it smells wonderful, a very gentle fragrance that easily fills the whole room and more. I’m very excited to try some of the boozy and sweet themed ones!


Overall, I’m really impressed with my first Scent Circus The Big Top Box subscription! For the bargain price of £7.50 I received six gorgeous melts. They were also bigger than I was expecting, so I’ll get a lot of use out of these. Each subscription box also includes one of their tickets which entitle you to a free box of melts when you collect 10. The Neverland theme was a perfect first choice for me, as I’m a huge Disney fanatic! I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on the next box, just in case I need to treat myself. Scent Circus offers a one off purchase, which I bought. This was perfect for me as I could test the products without having to commit to a large order or spend a lot of money. They also offer a six month subscription which also comes with a free box of melts on purchase, which may just have to make its way onto my birthday list! Thanks Scent Circus for another wonderful purchase and a gorgeous surprise.


Happy melting!

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