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Top 5 Tuesday – Book Worlds I Want To Live In

Top 5 Tuesday is the wonderful meme created by Shanah @ Bionic Book Worm. I stumbled across this week’s topic, Book Worlds I Want To Live In, as I was mindlessly scrolling through my reader and I immediately started thinking about bookish worlds I have always wanted to live. There were plenty of options, some mesmerising and some not so nice, and I couldn’t resist joining in! It’s extremely unusual for me to post two days in a row but even with the My Monthly Me feature yesterday (and another post scheduled tomorrow, oops!), I still sat down with my notebook frantically scribbling notes. So without further ado, here is the countdown of my Top 5 Book Worlds I Want To Live In!


  1. Narnia – The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Narnia set

I decided to start off nice and easy with a childhood classic. I love both the film and book and the wonderful world of Narnia is definitely a big reason why. I’m not sure if I love the snow covered scenes or the serene world (I love winter but the White Witch would scare me a little!) but Narnia would be a beautiful place to live. Plus, talking animals. What more could you want?!


  1. Wonka’s Factory – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

charlie and the chocolate fatcory

Okay, Charlie and the Chocolate factory is technically set in our world, but I want to live in the reality with the chocolate factory! How wonderful would it be to step inside Willy Wonka’s world and taste all those sweets? I’d definitely be the next Veruca Salt, spending all my money to find a Golden Ticket.


  1. Forks – Twilight

twilight breaking dawn

Now I know what you’re all thinking… why are you reading and watching Twilight?! I actually used to love these books, teen me just couldn’t resist the mythical creatures and cheesy love triangle. So, why does it make my top 5 bookish worlds? I really want to be a vampire. It’s that simple. Although it’s technically not a fictional world, vampires unfortunately are. I’d also like to live in a vampire/werewolf word which is relatively drama free (minus the whole Bella problem, obviously).


  1. The Shire – The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings

the shire

It has always been my dream to live  in The Shire, right in the peaceful part of Middle Earth. Not only does this mostly avoid all the Elf/Dwarf/Orc/etc drama, but Hobbits sound like really wonderful people. Their homes are pretty holes in the garden, creating tight-knit communities. But mostly I’m here for the huge amount of food Hobbits eat. Who’s for elevenses?!


  1. Hogwarts – Harry Potter


This was always my number one choice and always will be, and I’m pretty sure it made every other list too! Hogwarts has always been my home and I spent my childhood writing my own letter (I’m still angry mine got destroyed, thanks Voldemort). I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather spend my time, learning potions, caring for magical creatures, mastering spells and much more. Hogwarts is definitely my Top Book World I Want To Live In!


And that concludes my late evening post. I still can’t believe I’ve been posting so often lately but this has been worth it. I’ve had great fun writing and I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading. Thanks again Shanah for the great meme and topic. What fictional, bookish worlds would you like to live in. Comment below to let me know!

Stay tuned for another post tomorrow and happy reading!

11 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday – Book Worlds I Want To Live In

  1. Oh no way! Why didn’t I think of the chocolate factory?! I always wished as a kid that that place was real. All I wanted in life was to eat that tea cup!!! Bwahahaha
    Thanks so much for participating! I’ve added you to the list🙂


    1. It really would be amazing! I always wanted to lick the walls after I first watched the film version when I was tiny haha! Aw thanks so much, I hope it’ll get some ideas flowing for me so I can join in with other topics😊

      Liked by 1 person

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