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Lush Plymouth Blogger Event: Summer Collection

Lush Plymouth Blogger Event(1)

Today I’m bringing you something a little different from the usual bookish, film, and stagey posts you find here on my blog. I was very lucky to be invited into my local Lush store for a blogger event. We got to experience their new Summer Collection and now I’m bringing you some exclusive content and so many colourful pictures!

I was really excited to attend this event. As a huge Lushie, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some new products but I was also pleased I could expand my blog and give my wonderful products some fun and new posts. The event was all about the innovative products Lush were introducing this summer. The company always works really hard to be the best in bath and beauty and they never fail to impress me. Even the cakes resembled some of Lush’s new products!


First we had a bit of fun making our own bubble bar! The staff picked a firm favourite, The Comforter, which smells like black current and is really amazing. We watched excitedly as they mixed together all the ingredients before leaving it to rise, just like you do with a loaf of bread. We’ll revisit this later, but now it’s time for a look at the new products on offer.


One of Lush’s new summer products is their revolutionary hair treatments. This collection includes five masks which all have different properties to give you luscious locks. I’m guilty of neglecting my hair so I was excited to see what Lush had to offer. They work just like hot chocolate on a stick – mix into boiling water and watch the treatment dissolve to make your hair mask. Once cooled, apply to dry hair and leave for 20 minutes before washing out. It really is as simple as that! These colourful sticks all contain natural ingredients to help whatever hair problems you’re having.

My personal favourites were Yuge and New. Yuge smells of peppermint and is a gorgeous blue colour and New has a strong cinnamon scent and the red colour to match. I decided to take home New, which is perfect for strengthening hair, adding shine, and increasing blood flow which encourages hair growth! I mainly picked it for the wonderful smell, but I can’t wait to encourage healthy hair. Whether you’re looking for a general pamper or a specific purpose, the Lush staff can help you pick the perfect treatment.


Next we got to see the next innovative invention – jelly facemasks! This product has all the benefits of their fresh facemasks combined with the fun of jelly. Each mask if designed after powerful Lush women, which I thought was a wonderful touch and a celebration of womanhood and female power. Like all of Lush’s products, these masks were designed with natural ingredients to help all skin types and problems. With jelly to combat redness, sensitive skin, oily complexion and more, there is something for everyone.


A Lush employee kindly volunteered her face for demonstration. To use these face masks you just need to pinch a tiny piece out of the tub, rub it between your fingers to create a creamy paste and apply to your face. These products have a four month life span, which totally beats the fresh masks which need to be kept in the fridge and used within a few weeks! I love the masks but never use them quick enough so I’d definitely recommend the new jelly face masks.

I decided to try FOMO at home, which is perfect for sensitive skin. It contains calamine powder and rose to help clear your skin and restore a balanced complexion. I might just have to pop in and try some more colourful masks, too!



Finally we got to finish off our homemade bubble bars. We were each given a pile of pink and white mixture to twist together before flattening, attempting to create The Comforter’s signature swirl. This was a surprisingly difficult task, but “good swirlage” was heard a lot as Lush staff encouraged our creations! As you can see below, mine was no where near as pretty as the shop’s bar, but it smells just as good. This was a lot of fun and I’d definitely have a Lush party after my making experience. Of course we got to take these home and as they turned out to be huge I think I’ll be having pink bubble baths for weeks to come.


Thank you so much to Lush Plymouth for inviting me to your Summer Collection blogging event and for the new goodies to try at home! There were plenty more wonderful products launched but this is just a snapshot of the new and innovative things available.


I hope you guys have enjoyed this post. Would you like to see more varied content or know my opinions on the products? I’ll be back on track with some bookish themed posts soon so keep your eyes peeled.

Happy reading and rememebr to pamper yourselves on this summer weekend!

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