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Top 5 Tuesday – Recommendations for Non-Readers

So I’m back again with another Top 5 Tuesday and this week Shanah’s chosen topic is Recommendations for Non-Readers! I had to think really hard about this one because as a reader it’s difficult to know what non-readers might be interested in. I thought about lots of books throughout my whole life but settled on the five below. I think these are books that everyone could really get behind and could make the biggest non-reader in to the next avid bookworm!


harry potter series

There is no surprise that I’d recommend the Harry Potter series to a non-reader. With the huge fan base and worldwide influence it could probably be a little bit intimidating, but I also think this could work in my favour. If you already like the films, the books are just a natural next step. Harry Potter is such a fun and easy going read for children, teens, and adults alike. There’s so much in it for people to like and, whilst the series may seem long and intimidating, I believe it’s a positive factor to keep you reading. How could anyone finish Philosopher’s Stone and not want to know if Harry defeats Voldemort?!


the hobbit

When people think of Tolkien they think of Lord of the Rings and it’s difficult reputation. The Hobbit, however, was originally written as a children’s book. It immerses you into Tolkien’s Middle Earth and is a wonderful first book if you want to read a fantasy book set in another world. I totally loved this book and raced through it, so compelled by the characters and plot. Of course, this also has a hugely popular film franchise so if you loved LOTR as a kid you should read The Hobbit now. It’s a great place to start and there’s plenty more books if you want to continue your Middle Earth journey. Be warned though, the new film trilogy is not as good as the book so please don’t be put off.


the perks of being a wallflower

I went back and forth deciding whether to include The Perks of Being a Wallflower on my book recommendations for non-readers, but it did end up in my top 5 eventually. This is the first contemporary YA I read and fell head over heels for. After a childhood of fantasy, this changed things for me and it also changed my life (yeah, I’m one of those people). I think it’s such an important book that is still very relevant now. It’s also similar to some classic coming of age stories you often have to read in school, so this could be a good tool to help you understand. I would recommend this book to anyone going through school or university.


hunger games trilogy

‘Another series?’ I heard you say. A trilogy may not seem like the best way to get a non-reader into your favourite books, but The Hunger Games certainly is. I think this is such an iconic, modern book with so much for you to get excited about. The plot is rich and exciting and even contains social commentary. I know people who don’t read but leaped at the chance to pick these books up. They’re perfect for young teens, young adults, and fully grown adults too! It also shares the same benefit of Harry Potter – if they love the first one, you automatically have more to entice your non-reader friends with.


my sisters keeper

Whilst this picture may be of My Sister’s Keeper, I think Jodi Picoult as a whole is great for non-readers. As a teenager I first picked up this book and soon sped through a load of her earlier books. Nineteen Minutes, Salem Falls, and Keeping Faith are a few of my favourites. The wonderful thing about Jodi Picoult is that she writes such a big variety of books. Each title I named is completely different plot and character wise from the next, so there’s always something for everyone. These are perfect for adults and even teens who don’t usually read.


And that concludes this week’s Top 5 Tuesday and my Recommendations for Non-Readers recommendations. There are so many wonderful authors and books I debated including, from Michael Morpurgo and the Chronicles of Narnia, to John Green and The Mortal Instruments. I settled on these books above because, not only were they favourites of mine during my teenage years, I also know lots of non-readers who have read these. They may seem like obvious and popular choices, but it’s where I’d start persuading.

What would you recommend to all your non-reader friends? Happy reading!


9 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday – Recommendations for Non-Readers

  1. Harry Potter is definitely the first thing I’d recommend – especially as it was one of the books that first got me into reading. Perks is on my tbr and it sounds like something I’d enjoy. I’m in the mood for fantasy at the moment though, so it will have to wait a bit! I may attempt The Hobbit again at some point. I read the first chapter or so a while ago and ended up putting it down, but so many people have recommended (and loved) it so we’ll see πŸ™‚

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  2. I’m one of those strange people who really likes the Hobbit (the book) but I can’t get through the LotR trilogy. And I recall that I struggled to get into the Harry Potter series. Philosopher’s Stone takes about 100 pages to get going.

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    1. I really loved The Hobbit much more than LOTR too. I’m hoping the trilogy gets better as it goes along as I did find the Fellowship pretty difficult. Aw I really love Harry Potter, I’d definitely recommend sticking with it!


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