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The Witches of the Glass Castle Review

I was sent The Witches of the Glass Castle by Gabriella Lepore to review by Oftomes Publishing and I was really excited to read another one of their books. This book was immediately interesting, looking a bit like x-men for witches! Where do I sign up?! The Witches of the Glass Castle is about young, new witches who are discovering and harnessing their unique powers. I sped through the first half of the book in two short sittings and then I unfortunately got very sick. Every day I couldn’t read I spent dreaming about what might happen next. I was seriously obsessed with the novel and needed to know what happened. I finally picked it up again and I was not disappointed. This is easily one of my favourite books of the year! As usual, I’m going to give you a brief synopsis and then attempt to compile my four pages of notes into a review for you guys to read.

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Mia’s life is thrown through a loop when she discovers her family secret — that she and her brother Dino are witches. After they are sent away to study their craft, they begin down a path that will change their lives forever.

Suddenly thrust into a world where handsome warriors command the power of nature and people’s thoughts and actions can be manipulated at will, Mia and Dino struggle to navigate their own allegiances and do what they know to be right when everything around them seems beyond their control.

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My Review:

Doesn’t it sound so exciting just from that short synopsis alone?! I was probably destined to love this novel anyway as who could hate a castle that housed young, new witches? But I really did think this was a fun concept, similar to other schools and houses in famous works, but also different enough to be unique and interesting. The Witches of the Glass Castle immediately grasped my attention as Lepore established a change in normality in the lives of the protagonists. The prologue and opening chapters gave away lots of information that set the scene without feeling too heavy and full of unnecessary exposition. I loved the whole idea of a power being awakened and each new witch having to learn what it is and how to use it. This is something I dream about way too often so this book was perfect for me!

I fell in love with almost all of the characters in The Witches of the Glass Castle. There wasn’t an overload of characters which is sometimes the case in fantasy books, but each character in this novel was well written and had a big purpose. They were each loveable in their own way and were very relatable. Lepore portrayed an interesting sibling dynamic and the friendships surrounding these. As someone who has a brother who is only 18 months younger than myself, I know how you can both love and hate them at the same time. I also adored Kizzy and Blue, the best friends of Mia and Dino. They were those supportive friends everyone needs, questioning your band decisions but sticking beside you throughout them anyway! I also loved how each of these characters faced their own personal challenges throughout the story which enabled them to grow. They weren’t just there to propel the story of the protagonists, which was really nice to see.

There were so many surprising moments throughout this novel and I want to ramble on about all of them and gush over my favourite moments but I’m not going to spoil the story for you. That would make me a terrible blogger! Each reveal of a secret or unexpected moment had me gasping and squirming in my seat. I cheered on each character as they harnessed their power, squealed at the passionate moments of love, and even cried when everything got a little bit too much. There were so many layers to this story and I really couldn’t get enough of it. The ending of The Witches of the Glass Castle was also tied up nicely and I just love it when an ending comes together and leaves me satisfied. There was even a hint at more to come which made me so excited!

Gabriella Lepore has a real way with words that created a complex world that she shared with me as a reader. There were so many amazing aspects of this novel, from the complex characters to the exciting plot. I can’t quite explain how much I loved this book and why I did, but I know that I can’t wait to finish the duology. Thanks again Oftomes Publishing for another wonderful book!

Will any of you be picking up The Witches of the Glass Castle? Happy reading!

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