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Top 5 Tuesday – Favourite Book Covers

I’m back again with another weekly Top 5 Tuesday meme from Shanah @ Bionic Book Worm. This week the topic is Favourite Book Covers! I know book covers are something that can be very precious and important to book bloggers and all book lovers, so I’m excited to share some of my favourites. I don’t buy books for their covers alone but I know they certainly help to draw me in initially. I will also hunt down my favourite available edition, too! Pretty covers are important, okay? So, here are 5 of my Favourite Book Covers that I could find around my room currently.


  1. The Hobbit


When I first read The Hobbit I had a film cover version as it was around the same time as the release of the first film adaptation. I’m really not a fan of actors being on covers but it was cheap and the most readily available version so I bought it. Then I fell completely in love with Tolkien’s work. Fortunately I have really kind family who brought me this gorgeous version for my 21st! I’d admired it for years as I love the simplistic style and the striking hints of colour. This is easily one of the prettiest books I own and I love it with all my heart!


  1. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone 20th Anniversary Edition


My other favourite series of covers is definitely my Harry Potter collection. I love the original designs and colourful covers so much that they have their own shelf to show them off. But, what beats the originals? The house editions released for the 20th anniversary of The Philosopher’s Stone, of course! I am a huge fan of my bright yellow Hufflepuff cover and I love wearing my house with pride. These are the most gorgeous covers ever and perfect for every Harry Potter fan.


  1. Roald Dahl


I have a couple of Roald Dahl books now, some in hard copy and others on my Kindle, but the prettiest cover is definitely my version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Quentin Blake’s illustrations are so iconic so they make any Roald Dahl book. The cover is bright and quirky and really makes the book. My favourite thing about Roald Dahl’s children’s books is that they always include these amazing pictures inside.


  1. RoseBlood

Untitled Design(19)

I really love the cover of A.G. Howard’s book thanks to the striking colours and powerful images on the dust jacket. The black and white are contrasted by a stark red and the image really sums up the plot, too. As another bonus, this books is also pretty on the inside! The text itself is red and there’s thorn illustrations on every new chapter heading. I love a book that’s pretty inside and out.


  1. William Shakespeare’s Star Wars


I am a huge fan of Shakespeare so when I discovered a Shakespeare version of Star Wars I just knew I had to have one. I have a copy of Verily, A New Hope and the cover is so pretty. It really is everything you would expect from a Shakespeare – Star Wars mash up! It’s very grand and dramatic with lots of elaborate drawings. This is such a fun cover to match a unique and interesting concept.


That is just a few of my Favourite Book Covers! I really do love these in particular and I think they perfectly suit the wonderful books inside them. There were probably plenty more I could’ve picked, too. I can’t wait to buy more books with wonderful covers!

What are your favourite book covers?

Happy reading!

10 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday – Favourite Book Covers

  1. Oh I love that you added the anniversary edition of Harry Potter! I would have to agree 🙂 and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is one that will always be a favourite as I read it probably 15 times when I was a kid!
    Thanks again for participating! Added you to the list 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s definitely one of my favourite books I own based on cover, and the fab book itself of course! I haven’t actually read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory😳 I love Roald Dahl though and it was my favourite childhood film so I can’t wait to get round to it! Thank you😊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Love love love that The Hobbit cover.
    I have been eyeing the Harry Potter anniversary covers – I saw a Slytherin cover go cheaply somewhere the other day… Seems like no one wanted it. I should have picked it up!

    Liked by 1 person

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