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The Happiness Tag

My best friend Rosie over at Rosie Freckle Reads tagged me in this and after a short break from blogging as I celebrated my birthday I decided this was the perfect time to do this tag! The week really got away from me but I’m excited to get back to planning and posting. Let’s spread a little happiness!


Five Things That Make Me Happy
  1. Pantomime Rehearsals

So this obviously isn’t a regular thing for me and is a new hobby that’s made its way back into my life and is making me really happy lately. I missed musical theatre a lot whilst I was at university and I’m so glad I’m back dancing and singing again!


  1. Disney

Do I even have to explain this one? I’m sure those of you who read all of my posts know I love Disney as I drop it in at every moment I get. It never fails to make me happy and I don’t think it ever will. Whether I’m watching a film, listening to the soundtracks, or just cuddling a teddy, Disney will always be there for me.

  1. Buying and using Lush

Okay, so I’m a huge Lush fan. I really love their products, especially their bath bombs. Nothing beats jumping in a warm, sparkly, gorgeously scented bath with your favourite book and a cup of tea. I now work there too and have been enjoying so many more products, yay!


  1. My dog

I have a wonderful Border Collie called Buddy who is very old now but I still love him more and more every day. He makes me so happy with all our cuddles and kisses. He truly is my best friend – that old saying wasn’t lying!


  1. Christmas

This is another seasonal choice, like pantomime rehearsals, but I really do love Christmas. It is my favourite time of the year and I don’t know how anyone can be sad when they think of it. I love the decorations, food, time spent with family, just everything about it. I’ll definitely be very happy for a while now.


Five Songs That Make Me Happy

The songs that make me happy change all the time depending on my mood, the season, and what big films or musicals I might be loving at any particular time. Here are five songs that are keeping my spirits high right now, and a few that never fail to lift me out of any mood!


How Far I’ll Go – Moana

I’m still on that Moana hype and this song makes me feel like I can conquer the world!

You Make My Dreams – Daryl Hall and John Oates

I’m currently learning a dance to this for my pantomime and it’s such a feel good song, I can’t help dancing along.

Harry Potter theme tune

Every time I hear those iconic notes I’m instantly happy.

Defying Gravity – Wicked

Another song that makes me feel like I can do anything I put my mind to, this Wicked song is a go-to for me.

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – Bridget Jones Soundtrack

I love this version of the song and I’m reminded of Bridget running down the street in a coat and pants as soon as I hear it.

I love to perform a one-woman show to all these songs!


So, there’s a few things that are making me happy right now! I feel like we can all spread a little bit of happiness when we feel like it so I’m opening this tag up to everyone who reads it.

Happy reading!

4 thoughts on “The Happiness Tag

  1. Oh my god that is AMAZING that you work at Lush. I’m so jealous, I’m obsessed with their stuff! We don’t have a Lush in my state so I usually have to pay shipping costs every few months 😦

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