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Top 5 Tuesday – Reasons I Blog

It’s time for another of Bionic Book Worm’s Top 5 Tuesday and this week the theme is Reasons I Blog. There are many reasons why I love blogging so much and it’s become such a huge part of my life, but it’s so hard to put into words. Blogging is a wonderful phenomenon and here’s just a few reasons that explain why I do what I do.

  1. I Enjoy Writing

Okay, so this is a pretty standard answer and probably partly why we all like blogging. When you have a hobby that requires to write regularly, you’re probably going to enjoy it. I’ve always liked writing but never realised I could just do it until I started studying Drama with Creative Writing at university. Now I love writing for myself, and of course all my lovely followers!

  1. Finding New Recommendations

I’m constantly looking for recommendations for new books to read and films to watch, and everything else in between. Blogging is such a great place to find new recommendations. It’s so easy to read an opinion and make your own choice, my TBR has doubled since blogging! I even love seeing people’s hauls and I’ll buy anything if another blogger likes it (although I’m not sure that’s good for my wallet!).

  1. Sharing My Opinions

Just like most of you, I enjoy sharing my opinions. There’s nothing more exciting than sharing something you love with other people. Just like I enjoy reading your reviews, I always hope you like reading mine and maybe you might even pick up a book or watch a film that I’ve reviewed on my blog!

  1. Order

I love my life to be ordered and blogging really helps with that. I’m a big list maker and my calendar is so busy this month it’s even been colour co-ordinated. I find that blogging can help make me more organised as I have to use my time wisely, especially now that I’m out in the big, adult world.

  1. It’s fun!

Blogging is really fun – it’s as simple as that! I love everything from reading the books and watching the films that I’m reviewing, the actual writing aspects, and even the designing of the post. Everything about blogging is a great experience and I’m so lucky to have received books to review and met some wonderful people in my short time as a blogger.

This is a short but sweet post that sums up just a few of the reasons I love to blog! I’ve always said that I’m not quite sure why I started blogging and why I still do it, but I know that I love it and I have no intention of stopping soon. Remember to check out Shanah’s blog to see who else is joining in with Top 5 Tuesday today and maybe even join in yourselves!

Happy reading!

9 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday – Reasons I Blog

  1. LOL! The we’re going to have fun gif made me laugh so hard!! I absolutely agree that blogging gives order and a schedule to things! And of course, the recommendations part of it is another reason why I love blogging too!!
    Thanks for sharing your reasons and thanks for participating!

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  2. Ah some great reasons here – I agree with all of them. I never really thought about how blogging helps you to get more organised, but it really does! It definitely means that I have had to be more aware of time and scheduling etc. I also found out about the Leuchtturm which is my current bullet journal through blogging, and now its my favourite notebook ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. Oh I’d definitely recommend starting a bullet journal – I’ve found it so useful! I love how flexible it is, and it’s totally up to you how you use it and what you do with it which I found great because I can create my own spreads and tweak it to how I want. I also find it really fun and relaxing too. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. The gif…I’m cracking up. I didn’t even think about adding my love for writing on my list but it’s a huge reason why I started my blog too.


  4. It’s interesting as reason: order. It’s the first time I read it but I can see what you mean. You can have kind of a daily date and build a routine around your blog. I’m more a hectic kind of blogger as I try to squash it between work, the kids, the dog, the hubs the …. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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