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A Christmas Prince – The Cheesy Festive Film We All Need

After a short and unplanned break from blogging I’m back to bring you some festive fun! Unfortunately technology hasn’t been my friend recently but I managed to revive my laptop before you all missed me too much! Now I’m ready to tell you why you need some festive cheese in your life.

Copy of A Christmas Prince

Unless you live under a rock you’ve probably heard about A Christmas Prince, Netflix’s new original film conveniently released just in time for festive fun. Whether you’ve read the questioning reviews or the unbelievable hype that has hailed this the next cheesy flick, you’re probably wondering whether it’s worth a watch. Now I love a bit of trash and cheese, especially around Christmas time, so I just knew I had to watch the film immediately. I wasn’t expecting the next high drama or action packed blockbuster but I was hoping for a heart warming, entertaining story that I could sit back and enjoy with some Christmas chocolates. Once again, Netflix delivered.

If you’re around my age you probably grew up watching lots of cheesy films like The Princess Diaries, The Princess Protection Programme, and of course all the Disney Princess films, you will probably enjoy A Christmas Prince. It has a similar concept in which a normal person is thrown into the path of a royal combined with all the values of Christmas. At the start of this film there’s a rogue Prince, a wannabe journalist, and a young girl feeling trapped by her disability. All of these lives are mashed together as they try to discover who they really are.

The protagonist, Amber, who is a junior editor trying to start a successful career in journalism, starts off pretty relatable (especially for us bloggers). She’s struggling to get out there and make a career for herself, and I’m sure we can all agree that any kind of writing career feels exactly like that! Amber finally gets her big break covering the Prince and King-to-be in fictional Aldovia. But nothing goes to plan in these films! Amber is forced to go undercover to gather gossip and news about the Prince, but her experience changes when she befriends his younger sister, who suffers from spina bifida. This was a beautiful relationship to watch blossom and I love where it took the plot.

The setting was quite beautiful, similar to the quaint, snow covered towns you imagine in Europe. Surrounded by a stunning castle in the snow, I just wanted to live there. I also liked this film because they used phones and video platforms to keep in contact. Nothing baffles me more than films set in 2017 that completely ignore phones, as if they’re not a lifeline to everyone currently. This film included technology, which made it realistic. Moving back to the plot from my brief tangent, this was a really feel-good film. I’m not going to give you any spoilers, although you can probably guess what will happen. Even though the plot was pretty predictable, I kind of liked that about it. Sometimes it’s nice to be entertained without too much thought and this film does just that. The characters grow so much and the film is full of little twists and turns which either helped or hindered them along the way. Of course, there was a happy ending though. A Christmas Prince sums up Christmas values in one cheesy, heart warming film where good prevails and life is given a new lease.

Copy of A Christmas Prince

If you’re looking for a simple film for some festive fun I would recommend A Christmas Prince. It isn’t going to blow you out of the water but it will be sure to warm your hearts as your hands are warmed by cups of hot chocolate. This is a particularly great film for young kids or every millennial who can’t resist a cheesy love story!

Is A Christmas Prince your guilty pleasure, too? Happy festive reading!

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