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Scent Circus The Big Top Box – The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Unboxing

As you may already know, I love wax melts and Scent Circus is my favourite wax company to buy from. I was really lucky to receive their December subscription box, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz themed, for Christmas, and it arrived in the new year. It was such a great little surprise and I was like a kid in a candy shop, desperate to see all the goodies inside! For those of you who haven’t seen my previous posts, Scent Circus is a wax melt company that creates a monthly theme and sends you a package full of 6 wax melts exclusively designed for The Big Top Box. The Wizard of Oz is one of my all-time favourite films and I remember watching it all the time when I was young so I can’t wait to share all the wonderfully wizard-themed melts inside!


Each box is always beautifully packaged in tissue paper, sealed with a relevant quote sticker. Inside the melts are covered in confetti and I love this little touch. I’m a sucker for a little sparkle and flare and each month the colour of the confetti is different, aiming to match the theme of the box, which is just so cute! This was such a bright box to open up and the smell immediately hit me. One of the main reasons I’m a returning customer is the strong smell of these melts and opening this package was like walking into the best bakery in town. I knew I was going to love each and every melt!


How adorable are these designs! My particular favourite is the yellow brick road, I’m so glad such an iconic part of the film wasn’t forgotten. These easily summed up the whole film and they smell amazing too.


No Place Like HomeA feminine fragrance similar to a designer type with notes of ginger, sweet orange and ‘ruby red’apples

Yellow Brick ‘Rocky’ RoadOn the road to heaven with this delicious rocky scented melt. Creamy chocolate, buttery biscuit and sweet marshmallow



Witch of the WestThe only brew that this witch is brewing is the Scottish favourite… Iron Brew

Toto’ly Scrumptious – A gorgeous fragrance of freshly baked cinnamon buns drizzled with vanilla frosting



Over the Rainbow – A totally yummy scent of the American rainbow coloured cereal fruit loops

No BrainerThere’s only one scent fit for a scarecrow  and that’s corn… candy corn!


I thought all of these smells were so well thought out and perfectly matched their melt and character of aspect of the film. My particular favourites are Yellow Brick ‘Rocky’ Road and No Brainer – the buttery, corn smells stand out in these and smell so yummy. I’m almost tempted to eat them! I didn’t anticipate loving Witch of the West but I really did!

Overall this was such a great box full of novelty and fun. I’m so glad my mum surprised me with this for Christmas. As usual I’m blown away by the quality of the melts, their strong strength, and all the thought and effort that must go into making The Big Top Box. I’m stocked up on melts for now but I’ll definitely be buying more from Scent Circus in the future!

Happy reading!


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