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Lush Valentine’s Launch Night

At the weekend I attended the Lush Valentine’s Launch Night where I got invited to view the new Valentine’s Day collection! I was really excited to attend as I’m a huge fan of Lush and their Valentine’s range is usually really cute and sweet smelling. I’ve been to a Lush blogger event before but this time it worked slightly differently as it was open to the public, too. I had a wonderful time smelling and trying out all the products so I’m going to share my favourites with you today!



The Valentine’s Range

I first ran over to the bath station because all the bath bombs and bubble bars are definitely my favourite reason to visit Lush. I hit by the immediate sweet and floral smells and found myself surrounded by pink. This year there are a few returning favourites who’ve been given makeovers and some totally new products.

I have been stalking the range online for a while now and Love Boat was my most anticipated item in this range. It has such a unique shape which is so much fun and I love the mix of traditional Valentine’s colours with the bright blue. There’s even tiny heart bath confetti on the bottom! Not only does the bomb look gorgeous but the zesty oils mixed with a hint of rose smells amazing, too.

At the bath station I chatted to Eleesha for a long time whilst some of the other bloggers and people who visited received a gorgeous rose pamper and we made a rose based bath cocktail! Tisty Tosty, pictured above, is a returning product, having once been a crisp white it is now a vibrant hot pink. Filled with a floral scent and real dried rose buds, this is the perfect relaxing bath bomb if you’re looking to treat yourself to a relaxing pamper. I also learnt that there’s a fun little trick to this bath bomb to help you find your true love! If you place a rose bud on each of the four corners of the bath, swirl the water three times and chant the magic words your true love will be revealed: ‘Tisty Tosty tell me true, who will I be married too?’


Another returning product is unicorn horn and it’s received a bit of a makeover too. I was sure on the colours at first but when you see it in person it has a gorgeous shimmer to it. This differs from the rest of the range as it has a lavender smell, whereas lots of the range is full of sweet rose. This is such a fun product suitable for kids of all ages – I’m going to return to let out my inner child!

There are also lots of other gorgeous bath products as you can see from the pictures above. Rose Bombshell is another returning product joined by the new Whole Lotta Love and Heart of Enlightened Expectation bubble bars. These are just picture perfect and look good enough to eat! So much detail has gone into perfecting these which is something I’ve always loved about Lush.


Next, I moved onto the body and shower section to see what else I could treat myself to! At Christmas Lush introduced a naked range where the products had no packaging whatsoever. This was a bold move but the company is clearly passionate about moving forward to save the environment and end animal cruelty, something that has always been a prominent part of their brand. This year there is a naked shower cream (Tender is the Night) as part of the Valentine’s collection and after trying a naked shower gel at Christmas I would definitely recommend this product. There’s also Cherryish, a body scrub filled with ground cherry stones and cocoa butter, and Kiss Me Quick, a huge lip shaped wash card. I am totally in love with wash cards since buying my first one last Valentine’s Day. These are made with fruit pulps and foam up in the water!

My favourite product in this range is definitely Tunnel of Love soap, which wins over my heart. Now I wish you could smell through the screen because this soap smells absolutely divine. It’s a gorgeous rose scent, reminding me of the vintage rose candles my mum loves. I also adore the hidden shape inside the soap. This really is gorgeous and is the perfect indulgent treat for your other half (or you if you’re like me and want to treat yourself!). And as a bonus, this soap is SLS free which means it contains no traces of palm oil at all!



There are also body and lip products available in this year’s range, and even though they aren’t my cup of tea they really do make cute gifts. Melt My Heart massage bar has a fresh, herby scent which is a really refreshing change from the typical Valentine’s smells. To finish off the range we have The Kiss lip scrub and lip gloss, which are both hot pink. I didn’t particularly like the taste of the scrub personally but members of staff told me it reminds them of sherbety sweets. The gloss, however, I really love as it makes a nice change to their usual tints. This will certainly give you a shiny pout to attract all the people you like! Of course there were also lovely gift sets for all your present-giving needs.


To end the evening I got to make my own bath bomb which was so much fun! We made a Big Blue, which is a fresh, seaweed based bath bomb and is one of Lush’s all year round products. I loved getting the chance to get my hands dirty and construct my own product – I really felt like I was in the Lush factory! I think I did a pretty good job at making my first bath bomb.


As usual this was a really lovely event and I had so much fun at the Lush Plymouth Valentine’s launch! The new format was so relaxing, allowing me to look at everything I wanted, try out my favourite products and gain so much information. I love that Lush have opened up their doors to welcome everyone. I walked away with a Tisty Tosty to try and I know I’ll be returning for a pink pamper soon as I have my eyes on Love Boat, Unicorn Horn, and Kiss Me Quick wash card for the perfect Galentine’s bath! I’d definitely recommend attending an event in the future if you’re a huge Lushie and a fan of the products.

Happy bathing!


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