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ARCs & Books I’m Reviewing in 2018

As January slowly comes to an end and 2018 is in full swing I started thinking about the ARCs and books I’ve been sent to review. I’ve managed to show lots of restraint since joining Netgalley and actively asking for proofs from publishers so this is a pretty short list. However, I always like a good list on paper to keep me organised and I thought you guys might be interested to know what I’ll be reviewing this year!


  1. The Emerald CircusJane Yolen

the emerald circus

I actually requested this on Netgalley last year and have read half the book but I still need to finish it. I’ve been struggling to get through this collection of short stories but I am aiming to finish it this year as that’s my duty as a blogger! The Emerald Circus is a collection of retellings of fairytales.


  1. The ToymakersRobert Dinsdale

the toy makers

I first saw this book on Twitter and I thought the concept sounded fun and the cover was gorgeous so I took a chance and emailed the publisher. This is the first book I’ve ever specifically requested and it is also my first physical ARC – I’m so excited to read it! Set during World War One, this is, obviously, a story about a toyshop which is in fact a little bit different. It sounds really cute and I can’t wait to read it.


  1. RenegadesMarissa Meyer


Renegades is another Netgalley ARC. I read about this book a lot on Twitter and when the collection of books, including Renegades and lots of other books, dropped on Netgalley I rushed to request it. I’m so glad I was accepted as this sounds right up my street. I love a good fantasy book with a dystopian element and I’ve always wanted to read one of Marissa Meyer’s book so this is highly anticipated for me!


  1. Cauldron’s BubbleAmber Elby

Cauldron's Bubble

Rather than an ARC like the above titles, I was sent a finished copy of Cauldron’s Bubble to review. This book is a mash up retelling of several Shakespeare plays and I honestly couldn’t be more excited. I absolutely adore Shakespeare and retellings have been my favourite last year so this sounds like the perfect book for me.


This is a really, really small list compared to most other bloggers, I know, but 2018 has just started so who knows what else I might have the pleasure of reviewing this year! But, I am excited to get round to reading these ARCs and books this year. It’s such a varied list of genres and styles which I love as I’m actively trying to expand my reading.

What ARCs and books are you most excited to have the pleasure to review in 2018?

Happy reading!

5 thoughts on “ARCs & Books I’m Reviewing in 2018

  1. I’ve just reviewed the ARC of Traitor Born that I requested as soon as I finished reading Secondborn! I was so happy!!!!


  2. Ooh, can’t wait to read your Renegades review. I haven’t read it yet but I really enjoyed Meyer’s The Lunar Chronicles, also I just looove superheroes?


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