My Monthly Me

My Monthly Me – February 2018

With February dwindling into the distance in a flurry of snow it’s time to welcome March by looking back on my month. Usually My Monthly Me celebrates my blogging achievements and is a chance for me to reflect on the good and aim for the better. February is going to be a little different, though. Unfortunately I didn’t even get round to reading one full book, but I do have so many wonderful life achievements to shout about! At first I felt like a terrible blogger. I haven’t posted a single book review, or anything overly original for that matter. But then I remembered that I’m human; I got ill and life got in the way and that’s okay. So it’s time to stop dwelling on what I didn’t do and have a look at what I did!


Untitled Design(52)

I got a job!

For those of you that don’t know, I graduated in the summer and have since been working in retail. In February I got a job as a teaching assistant working in an SEN department. I am honestly so happy to have a my first adult job, to be working towards my career, and, most importantly, to be helping people.



I worked on a youth theatre production!

Drama is basically my whole life and when I returned home after university I started working at my theatre group. As well as returning to perform, I taught the younger students drama workshops and helped towards their show, Bugsy Malone. I worked tirelessly backstage and in the changing rooms the week of the show and it was worth all the hard work because I am so proud of what they achieved!




Copy of Little Life Updates

This month I’ve decided to set myself some more goals to organise my blog alongside my crazy life! As well as trying to keep up with A Redhead’s Rambling, I’m settling into my new job still, continuing to teach at my theatre group, and I even decided to be a part of their adult show so dance and singing rehearsals will start soon! Good organisation is definitely going to help me and I love lists so here’s a few of my March blogging goals:


  • Write two posts a weekThis is slightly lower than my annual goal of three a week, just to take a little bit of stress away
  • Reach 200 followersI’m SO close!
  • Actually review booksAs I said above, I’ve been quite ill and very busy in February so I’m determined to get back on track this month
  • Continue varied postsOne of my 2018 goals was to vary my post content more so I’m going to try really hard at writing about what I love in March!


Copy of Copy of Little Life Updates

I don’t normally write a monthly TBR as I’m a huge mood reader so my chosen books are always a surprise! However, I thought I’d help myself out a bit this month and narrow down my options. I still have a little collection of books I need to review and a huge pile of physical books I’d like to get through so this might help me along the way.

  • The Toymakers – Robert Dinsdale
  • Incubus Kiss – Robin Thorn
  • The Seafarer’s Kiss – Julie Embers



February may have been a slow month but I’m ready to tackle March head on! It looks like my life is going to be just as hectic as ever so I’m even more determined to get back into the swing of blogging, too. I’m hoping my short, anticipated TBR and my March goals will help keep me on track along the way. I have some really exciting posts planned and I can’t wait to share them with you!

Happy reading!

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