My Monthly Me

My Monthly Me – March 2018

I can’t believe another month is over already and April is ready to begin! It’s been another busy month getting used to my new job, teaching drama, and starting rehearsals for a new show. As life has taken the steering wheel blogging, and specifically reading, has taken a slight back seat. I’ve still managed to blog fairly regularly but I only finished one book (and I’d even been reading it last month too!). Luckily I don’t feel too bad and I’m ready to tackle April head on and I have some exciting blogging plans, including my first ever giveaway!


Books Read:

The Toymakers – Robert Dinsdale (review to come soon!)

 the toy makers


My Blogging Highlights:

As I don’t have many books or films to rave about this month I thought I’d highlight my favourite posts I wrote this month!


Anticipated April TBR:

As always, I don’t make a monthly TBR as I’m a huge mood reader but I do have some review books and own choices that I need to read or just can’t wait to start. Let’s take a look at two of those.

Incubus Kissa short story I’ve been sent to review by a publisher

The Seafarer’s Kiss – my own choice and a present I’ve been waiting to dive into



April is already shaping up to be another busy month, but when have I ever written a My Monthly Me and said it was going to be calm?! I’m starting some new responsibilities with my volunteering, the kids are starting a new show, and I’m even starting rehearsals for a show I’ll be in. Hopefully I’ll have some spare time during the Easter holiday to catch up with my reading (the perks of working in a school!). I have some really exciting blog posts to be come, including my spot on the YA Shot Tour and a giveaway of the wonderful book I’m going to be talking about!

Happy reading!


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