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Wax Vendors I’m Melting This Spring

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I’m a huge fan of all things smelly, from wax melts and candles to bath bombs and everything in between. Occasionally I like to mix my little blog up and share some of those loves with you. Today I’ve decided to talk about some of my favourite wax vendors and the wax melts I’m melting this spring! Wax melts are such a fun alternative to candles and at this time of year there are so many gorgeous fragrances to choose from. If you’re new to melts, I’m going to start by talking about what I love about the vendor and then reviewing design, price, and throw (which is how strong the fragrance is once melted). I just wish scratch and sniff computers were a thing so you could join me on my smelly journey!


Scented Ever After

I’m so glad I came across this magical vendor on Instagram because it fills a Disney-themed hole in my melts. Everything about Scented Ever After is sparkly and magnificent – from castle pots, mermaid tail melts, and Disney film sets, they really provide the happily ever after. I was drawn to this vendor because of their cute turtles and their dupes (a scent which is a direct copy of an already famous scent, such as a Lush bath bomb). I couldn’t help ordering myself a yellow castle and I was blown away by how much it actually smells like foam banana sweets. These are so unique and at a reasonable price too, although it’s worth stocking up to cover the cost of postage.



Price    ★☆

Throw ★☆☆


Scents of Smell

This vendor is also new to me this year and I’m really glad I discovered them. They’re full of mythological-based melts, such as unicorn horns and shells that remind me of Ursula’s necklace. The scents are really subtle but strong at the same time, which is nice if you’re looking for a relaxing aroma that doesn’t over power the whole house. My favourite is candy floss which I purchased in sparkly unicorn horns. They also included a little sample melt in my order and at first I thought I wouldn’t like the scent but the freshness made a chance – I’ll definitely branch out a bit more thanks to them!


Design ★☆

Price    ★☆

Throw ★☆



I couldn’t resist these tasty looking wax melt treats as I was mindlessly scrolling through Instagram one day. I fell in love with the originality of their lollipops and macarons, which are totally adorable and look good enough to eat! These scents are light but strong and the small melt goes a long way. I’m also impressed by the really reasonable price, which made it twice as easy to treat myself. THBX also sells gorgeous prosecco shimmers (colourful glitters which can turn any drink into a mermaid or unicorn party!).






I’ve really loved sharing some of my favourite melts with you guys today! These gorgeous smells have been filling my room lately and I’ve had so much fun purchasing such magical melts. Do you guys have a favourite wax vendor? Perhaps you’ve never tried wax melts and you’re tempted by this sparkly post?

Happy reading!

3 thoughts on “Wax Vendors I’m Melting This Spring

  1. Oh wow, they are so pretty! Some of them looks edible, hehe 😀

    I got a candle from h&m recently and i was super disappointed. Like it didn’t smell at all! 😦
    Maybe i should try these thingies…


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