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ARC Review: Incubus Kiss by Robin Thorn

Today I’m going to be reviewing an ARC of Incubus Kiss, a short story by Robin Thorn. I was fortunate enough to have been asked to review this story by Oftomes Publishing on behalf of Thorn and I couldn’t resist signing up. I haven’t read many short stories before so I was excited to try something new, plus I was intrigued by the name as I love everything fantasy and supernatural.  As always with ARC reviews, I’ll start with a synopsis before moving onto my review!

Untitled Design(64)Synopsis:

Incubus. Vampire. Banshee.

Stefan is changing. He feels a burning hunger within him, one that cannot be stopped. That is until the girl from his nightmares turns out to be real, and with her presence, comes much-needed answers.

Phoebe is a Guardian. Her only purpose is to protect innocents from the demonic world hidden in the shadows. When the ghost of a murdered girl starts appearing before her, Phoebe finds herself drawn into a brewing war of supernatural beings—with Stefan at the helm.

Can Stefan be saved?
Or is it already too late…

incubus kiss

My Review:

From the moment I started this short story I was drawn in by its fast-paced. Thorn appeared to have a great writing style that could easily capture my attention as the story progressed with a urgent buzz. There was an air of mystery about the story as it began to unravel the folklore and mystical worlds within our own, as nothing is ever as it seems.

I loved the premise of the book, using an incubus as the focal point to the story. I have to be honest and say I didn’t really know much about an incubus or succubus (its female counterpart) until this story so it was a fresh and interesting take. I love it when fantasy books can take a well-known myth, legend, or folklore and create a new spin on it.

I thought Thorn built well-rounded characters with interesting lives, and, of course, secrets. Phoebe hiding her true nature as a Guardian from her best friend Stefan, who has supernatural problems of his own right now, made for an interesting plot. There were lots of interwoven stories that kept you guessing and learning as you read on. The story itself was interesting and I was reasonably gripped. I read the whole short story in two sittings so I must have enjoyed it! Thanks to the quick pace it was difficult to put down.

Overall this was a quick and fun read that I was glad to have a chance to review. I found this was a good length for a short story as it kept my interest without feeling like it was missing details. It also ended at the perfect point in order to keep me hooked for the next story in the series – I just need answers! There were a few small spelling and grammar mistakes but I decided to look past these as it was an ARC and I was enjoying the story. Incubus Kiss is certainly a decent read if you want a quick supernatural tale to fill your time.

Happy reading!

Untitled Design(64)

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