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Gobstone Alley March Unboxing | A Harry Potter Subscription Box For All Your Magical Needs!

This week I received my Gobstone Alley subscription box, called a Flying Parcel, and I just had to share all the Harry Potter goodness with you all! Gobstone Alley is a magical subscription box I recently discovered which sends Harry Potter goods straight to your door every month. Each month they give you four character clues that will inspire the box; March’s inspiration was Remus Lupin, Snape, Viktor Krum, and Gregorovitch. I was so excited to receive this box, especially as Lupin is my favourite character! It was totally worth getting this box delivered from Poland as Gobstone Alley really blew me away. Check out the magical contents of my box!



I wanted to start by showing you the box everything came in, which just shows how much detail is put into everything. There are so many Harry Potter and general Wizarding World touches which I loved. Gobstone Alley clearly put lots of care and thought into their products so I certainly couldn’t wait to open it.



And just look how good all these items look! I was seriously blown away when I opened the box and started pulling everything out. Each item looks like it’s genuine HP merchandise that could be sold in the Warner Bros. Tour. I knew each monthly box would include a t-shirt, candle, and tea and the rest was a complete surprise. Let’s take a closer look at the magic!



This product is really incredible. The detail on it is Sirius-ly (get it) something else. The box itself is labelled with a Gregorovitch stamp and the inside is lined and has an imprint of the wand shape so it sits safely inside. There’s even a small label on the side that gives the details of the wand, like its material and length! The wand itself is really gorgeous. It feels really sturdy and is full size. This is easily one of my favourite products in the box and I can’t wait to display it proudly!



I was seriously excited when I unwrapped this candle! Minty smells are some of my all time favourites and I recently finished a packet of Peppermint Toads from the tour so I’m so glad I can savour that smell for a little while longer. Plus it’s a big candle for a subscription box so well worth your money.



This t-shirt was also in the box and is one of the items you get every month. March’s shirt was inspired by the patronus charm and features Harry’s famous stag. It’s a really beautiful shirt and the colours are so bright. I’m not a huge gimicky shirt person but I’ll definitely be lounging around in this at least.



I really love this next item, which is so unusual yet fun. Each month you get a tea and this month it was inspired by Lupin. Remus Lupin’s chocolate tea is a natural tea which tastes of chocolate-y goodness! I haven’t actually tried it yet but I’m excited to try something new.



These are some of the other products that were in the box. I love the Veritaserum vial inspired by Snape that will fit in with my current potion collection. I also received this little Hufflepuff tin which is perfect for storing little things. You can specify your Hogwarts House at the checkout for any house specific items.



Viktor Krum was also one of the clues for Gobstone Alley’s March box and this is what was included. I am in love with the chocolate frog card which is full of so much detail and would be a great replica of the official cards if they were holographic. I also got these Krum inspired badges and I love collection badges and pins so these will look great on display.



There were also a few little extra touches in the box which really made it magical. The first is the Lupin quote bookmark which is really pretty (possibly too pretty to even use!). Also inside the box was a MECUSA wand application so I can now legally use my wand in America! Inside the gorgeous envelope was a delicate application paper which included so much detail. I was impressed at all the thought and effort put into this particular item.




Gobstone Alley also produces their own Harry Potter themed card game and you get a little packet of cards to play in each box. This isn’t particularly a product I would use but it’s a lovely touch.

Each month your box includes a letter detailing every item included, which I always find really helpful.




This is easily the best subscription box I’ve ever received and I’ll certainly be ordering a Flying Parcel from Gobstone Alley again! Even though I had to have this shipped to the UK from Poland, the price was still relatively affordable compared to other boxes around and was totally worth it when you see what you get for your money. The delivery was also pretty quick, which I was surprised about. I’m feeling totally magical right now!

Happy wizarding!

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