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The Pros and Cons of Book Memes

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Today I’ve decided to bring you guys another bookish discussion. Recently I’ve been thinking about the pros and cons of participating in a book meme. I only join in with one weekly meme at the moment and I used to really love it. Now, however, I’m finding it quite difficult to write a post every week. Sometimes you’re totally inspired by the topic and other times you just don’t have anything to say. Whilst it can be an easy way to gain views, it can also be a bit of a drag. So, I thought I’d compile all my thoughts, the positive and the negative, into one post to share with you all. Who knows, you might feel the same too.


Pros of Book Memes:

It’s easier to generate regular posts. We can’t deny that we’re all busy people who can struggle to plan, write, and publish several posts a week. Sometimes I don’t even have the time or motivation to conjure one unique post. Participating in a weekly meme gives you immediate content without having to give yourself a headache. Each month you are given a list of topics (usually top 5, top 10, etc) and you just have to think of the books you’ve read. This can make generating regular content a lot easier.

You feel like part of a community. When you participate in a meme you often feel like you are contributing to something more. Not only do you write your own post, but a whole load of people are also talking about the same topic. A meme is not just a personal post, but is a day for everyone to get involved in. Blogging can sometimes feel lonely, so this is a fun way to feel like you’re joining in.

Generating views and interaction. If you participate in a meme it’s a written rule that you should blog hop. It’s so much fun to read all the related posts and see how much they differ from your own. Everyone has such a unique take. This (hopefully) should generate views within the meme community. I always try to visit the host at the end of the day and use her list of participants to blog hop, leaving likes and comments on all my favourites.

Posts are easier to write (sometimes). As I’ve already mentioned above, memes can make generating regular posts easier. Naturally this means that writing these posts can also be easier. You are already given a topic and all you have to do is use your passion – reading! We’ve all read our fair share of books so we can use these and allow the posts to write themselves.


Cons of Book Memes:

I don’t read enough books. Sometimes I feel like I don’t read enough books to participate in a weekly mean. I’m a slow reader as it is and have a terrible memory so I often feel like my memes become repetitive lists where the same 5 or 6 books appear. I worry that these posts are boring for others to read and are totally uninspiring.

Topics can be difficult.  Whilst I preached about how easy it can be to generate content, I also feel like it can be really hard. Sometimes I don’t really understand the topic (it might be based around something in the US which we don’t have in the UK), or it might not resonate with me and my reading habits. If the topic is hard I tend to stress about making it interesting and getting a post up no matter what.

Pressure to join in. Missing a week can feel like you’re letting down the meme, its host, and community. Sometimes my life responsibilities get in the way and I can’t generate the post on time. If I don’t like the topic, I’m struggling, or haven’t read enough books to create an interesting post, I still feel the pressure to join in. It can be difficult to miss out when everyone else manages to join in.

The need to produce more content. When I participate in a weekly meme it usually pushes me to generate more content on my blog, which is definitely a positive. But when I can’t post for whatever reason, I end up with two meme topics in a row. I feel like this is unprofessional and ruins the look of my blog. Similarly, if I suddenly stop participating I feel obliged to post three times a week still but I have the added pressure of producing more of my own content.


Weekly bookish memes are generally a huge amount of fun and a great way to get involved with the blogging community. Fortunately, the pros are much more convincing and the cons are easy to get over. I love joining in memes with others and seeing all their ideas so I’ll definitely continue to participate. Plus, I love the fact it helps me generate more content! However, you may have noticed I’ve had a break from my regular meme. I decided to sit out this month as the topics just weren’t for me. I worried that I’d feel left out and struggle to post regularly, but I’m glad I’m having the break. It’s forced me to be more creative and hopefully next month I can return with more ideas!

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Happy reading!



5 thoughts on “The Pros and Cons of Book Memes

  1. When I participate in meme, which isn’t too often, I usually try and give my own spin on the topic. That way it doesn’t feel too cookie cutter but I still get to participate.

    I usually try and look up the meme topics in advance and pick out the ones I would like to do the most. That way I have a good amount of time to prepare them.

    Great post!


  2. Every single point in this post is so relatable. I only used to participate in one bookish meme but writing a post every week became a chore for me (along with school) While memes help you to interact with the community it can also be a drag sometimes. Although finding out the posts for every month is an exciting, if I participate in a bookish meme, I’ll never be able to write any other post.
    But seriously, this is such a great post!!


  3. I am with you on “topics can be difficult”. Some are pretty easy but others… I admire the bloggers doing these!


  4. I quite enjoy reading posts that are part of these memes. I often wonder how people come up with all those books they select, some of them are super creative.

    I never participated myself, and i don’t see myself doing it in the near future, unless there’s a topic i just reeeeeeaaaaallly want to say something about… 😀 I love writing reviews and that’s what i do most often, and i just feel like i have no time to do the memes too.

    Maybe one day… 🙂


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