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Embracing My Inner Witch With Smelly Goth Scents Wax Melts

If you’ve been following my blog for a while now you may have noticed that I totally love wax melts. I’m a huge fan of smellies and I never fail to light a wax melt every afternoon. I love finding unique designs and lighting my favourite scents for every mood! As I’ve been trying to expand my blog content to reflect me a little bit more recently, I thought I’d share my most recent wax purchase.

Untitled Design (1)

I’d never tried Smelly Goth Scents before but I immediately fell in love with their cute but spooky designs. Full of skulls, caged hearts, brains, and ouija boards, their designs were so quirky I just had to order. I know I have a few witchy fans here so these would be perfect to melt alongside your next read!


image1 (6)

As you can see, these melts are so cool! I decided to try a small selection of bright and colourful melts in mainly sweet scents (as I’m a sucker for anything sugary!). I was so excited when they arrived all covered in paper confetti. It’s also a good moment to mention that everything was packed so tightly and in lots of paper so it ensured that nothing broke. I’ve often seen broken melts on Instagram so it’s nice that so much care is put into every aspect of their business.


The Melts:

Green Caged HeartStrawberry and Rhubarb

This is such a pretty melt. I love the strong green colour combined with the iridescent glitter that shimmers as you turn it in the light. It’s a lovely fruity smelling melt.

Pink Ouija BoardCotton Headed Ninny Muggins

This is such a lovely, sweet scent. Described by Smelly Goth Scents as ‘a blend of pink cotton candy, strawberries, and squishy marshmallow’, this is a wonderful combination. I also love the gentle, girly pink that contrasts the paranormal design.

Purple Caged Heart Parma Violets

Another bold colour but this time combined with a chunkier glitter. This heart smells exactly like the sweets I used to scoff at parties as a child!


Brain Snow Fairy

One of the best melts Smelly Goth sells is their chunky brains. This one is a dupe of Lush’s famous Snow Fairy shower gel. It smells seriously good and is a dead ringer for the original scent (excuse the pun!). This is also a huge, solid melt so well worth the money.


image1 (10)

My mum also bought a few creepy goodies in my order so I thought I’d briefly showcase those, too. In the brown pouch we have Parma Violet brittle, which is the same scent as my purple heart. The brain is also snow fairy, like mine! The little pot is Black Rose and Oudah. I love these as it’s a great way to try more scents.


image1 (9)

Smelly Goth Scents also included two little samples which is such a lovely gesture. I always love it when companies do this because it’s such an exciting surprise. It’s also a great way of trying new scents.


Untitled Design (1)

My Verdict:

I am so glad I decided to give Smelly Goth Scents a go. Before posting this, I melted a few of the wax melts so I could give an honest review as well as my haul. I first decided to try the strawberry and rhubarb melt. Whilst I enjoyed this smell, it wasn’t something I’d use regularly. This was not due to the melt though, as I’d bought this to try something new to what I usually enjoy. Fortunately I did love my second melt – cotton headed ninny muggins! I was so excited to try this, mainly because of the Elf! reference, but I also adore all things sweet and cotton candy based. This was such a beautiful blend and was the perfect balance of cotton candy, marshmallow, and strawberry. It was sweet and gentle and lasted for hours. My mum also tried her Parma Violets melt and I have to say it was delicious. Not only did it smell exactly like the little sweets, I could smell it strongly every time I walked downstairs.

Both the caged hearts and ouija board cost me £1.50 and I snapped them in half so I got two uses out of each melt, which is a great price. The brain was £2.30 but as it is a solid melt I think I’ll get a few melts out of it so it’s definitely good value for money.

Overall, I really enjoyed using Smelly Goth Scents. Their designs were unique and quirky (which is really important to me), the price was reasonable, they were well packaged, and the smells were good enough to eat! I’d certainly order from here again and I hope you enjoyed my witchy based post today.

Happy burning!

image1 (8)

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