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My Blogging Break Discussion: How I accepted it and why it was good for me

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Earlier this month I took a blogging break. This wasn’t a decision I made lightly and it’s something I’ve thought about lots since slowly making my return to the blogging scene. The truth it, I’ve been wanting to take a break for a long time now but there were so many reasons I used to counter that decision:

  • losing followers
  • being out of touch with the community
  • falling out of love with blogging

Yeah, these were real reasons I talked myself out of a break I so desperately needed. I was so worried that if I took a break, I’d be a bad blogger. I was so concerned about this that I decided to power on and eventually my blog posts slowed and my passion didn’t burn as furiously. But one day I didn’t have a choice but to stop, and I’m glad.

My life suddenly got so hectic I had zero minutes of the day to think about my blog. I was participating in a show, teaching kids drama, getting new responsibilities at my job, and dealing with a whole load of personal issues. Unfortunately blogging was forced into the back seat and I decided to take that well deserved break. I was so occupied I couldn’t even dwell on what became the best decision for me.

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The positives of my blogging break

By giving myself a break from the stresses of blogging I allowed myself to be fully immersed in my own life (I mean the real things, rather than the internet life). I got to spend a week performing in a show without worrying about how I’d cope planning and writing blog posts. I also got to focus on myself for once. It’s easy to get caught up in what we must do as bloggers and forget to look after ourselves, too. The internet can be an overwhelming place when you’re struggling with stress, mental health, and emotions, so taking a step back can be really positive. Whilst I enjoy social media and I didn’t shy away from it completely (I still enjoyed seeing what you guys were achieving whilst I was on my break!), I did relax the amount of time I spent staring at a screen. After all, you have to live your life.


How did I accept my blogging break?

Accepting my blogging break is still one of the hardest things I’ve had to do. After my planned week I felt like I wasn’t ready to return and needed more time for myself. Acknowledging these thoughts was my first step to acceptance. It didn’t matter if I needed to continue my blogging break because I had to look after Number 1 – me! This whole month has been a struggle to return to blogging so each day I’ve taken small steps. Even thinking about your blog is a step in the right direction. Half way through I started reading and interacting with more posts, which encouraged me to write more of my own. Who cares if I only managed to publish two? Now I have a huge list of ideas and I’m refreshes and inspired to come back stronger than ever.

Copy of Discussion(4)

For me, a big part of accepting my break was reading other people talk about their time away from the blogging world. No matter what the reason, I knew all those people were justified. You guys talking about your breaks enabled me to realise that it was okay to take a break after all. So that’s why I’m sharing my experience with you guys. Hopefully I might inspire a nervous blogger to take that break they really need. I know I definitely won’t be afraid to take a blogging break again.

Happy reading!

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