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There’s Someone Inside Your House Review

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I’m finally bringing you a book review after a never ending reading slump thanks to There’s Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins, which was so good I devoured it in days! I’m not really a thriller person and I don’t really read or watch anything similar, but I still remember reading a review which excited me so much I immediately added the book to my Christmas list. I opened the first page with an open mind, not knowing what to expect, and finished the book completely in awe, shock, and in love with a new novel.

I really want to talk about the layout of There’s Someone Inside Your House and the way it was written but as I’m keeping this review spoiler free I won’t say too much, except I loved it! The layout of the novel enabled Perkins to easily create suspense. The story follows Mekani Young, a Hawaiian teen living in Nebraska, who is hiding her own secrets as she just tries to blend into the background and leave Osborne High. This becomes significantly harder when students are gruesomely murdered. I was really into both parts of the plot, totally falling in love with Mekani and her story and being completely gripped by the murders.

Mekani was a loveable protagonist, mainly because she wasn’t perfect at all. She was real and believable and I was with her on every step of the journey. Of course her secrets intrigued me too, so that pulled me in as I just had to know what she was hiding. The main group of characters were also likeable, cringy, annoying, funny, sad, and everything in between. They made me feel like I was interacting with my own friends, because, let’s be real, even your best friend annoys you sometimes! I was initially worried I’d hate Darby, Alex, and Ollie because they were ‘outsiders’ and ‘different’ from everyone else but this actually worked well. The stereotypes weren’t forced and Perkins created real characters.

I liked that the story was told from Mekani’s point of view as the severity of the deaths began to unravel alongside her own problems. I enjoyed both the YA sides of the novel (including the love story, which we know I’m not always a fan of) and the thrilling murders. The murders themselves were fast-paced and totally gruesome, but I also didn’t feel so grossed out that I couldn’t read. Even when I knew what was coming I was too addicted to the writing to stop. The psychological aspects had me frozen in fear for the characters. Each incident was well thought out and kept me on my toes, my heart racing every single time! Stephanie Perkins really captured the elements of thriller on the page.

The whole concept of There’s Someone Inside Your House was so well thought out, I couldn’t fault a single aspect. From the characters and their interactions with each clique at school, to the young love which even had me feeling weak at the knees, and of course the shocking murders. I loved continuously guessing about the connections and learning information alongside the characters as everything began to unravel.

I’m still so surprised at how much I loved this thriller! I devoured the book in a few short sittings and every time I wasn’t reading I was constantly thinking about what would happen next, who would be targeted, and what theories I had. You know a novel is good when you fall in love with it even when it’s outside of your normal comfort zone and reading choices. There’s Someone Inside Your house has a little bit of everything, with the intense psychological thriller action and cute, romantic, YA moments, which makes me confident that everybody would enjoy the book. I’m certainly going to be looking for more YA thrillers after this. I’d recommend this to everyone and I hope you all give There’s Someone Inside Your House a go!

Happy reading!


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