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Lush Cosmetics Turtle Jelly Bomb: Lush’s Most Poignant Bath Bomb Yet?

Lush Cosmetics recently released two new jelly bombs, Turtle and Turtle Immersion. For those of you who’ve never heard of a jelly bomb, they’re a new invention which sees a bath bomb combined with sodium alginate, a seaweed substance, which creates a jelly-like texture on top of the bath! It sounds weird, I know, but don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. Lush launched a turtle shaped jelly bomb which aims to raise awareness of plastic polluting our oceans and its impact on sea creatures by leaving lasting plastic replicas in the water. I really loved the overall idea of the new bomb and decided to try it and share my thoughts with you guys!


First of all, I have to gush over the adorable design! The shape is so unique and different to anything I’ve bought from Lush before and it was so cute I almost couldn’t bring myself to pop it in the water. When I finally let go of the little fella it had a strong fizz but also disappeared slower than other jelly bombs I’ve used which was nice because I could watch in awe for a while. The Turtle jelly bomb was an immediate explosion of colour with the strong mix of greens spilling out into the water. Green isn’t a common colour used in Lush’s bath products so I loved this change. It reminded me of all things natural and beautiful, which was probably the point.

It wouldn’t be a jelly bomb review if I didn’t talk about the jelly. I’ve used two different jelly bombs in the past and with mixed feelings. I loved Secret Arts which I found moisturising and such a novelty, but I also used Cytoplasm, a Halloween exclusive, which barely dissolved and left stains in my bath and on my body. I was nervous about using Turtle but it’s safe to say I was pleasantly surprised. There was just enough to create a small, gooey layer on top of the water which disappeared quickly, even in the cold bath I had in the summer heat (which is a bonus for me because I don’t like sitting in the jelly).


Now it’s time to talk about the poignant message behind both Turtle and Turtle Immersion, the baby and mummy turtles recently released by Lush Cosmetics. Once the inner layers of the bath bomb dissolved strands of agar agar were revealed. These opaque clumps resemble plastic floating in the sea, serving as a constant reminder of ocean pollution. They made a really strong statement without impacting the relaxing bath. These strands are totally safe to let drain down the plug hole, are completely biodegradable, and will dissolve in water (I even checked with Lush to be sure!). I love that they used a totally safe and green product.

Overall I really loved Turtle jelly bomb and will certainly be buying more in the future! I adored the mystical, witch-like green water and my skin felt so soft thanks to the seaweed extract. Not only was this a cute bath bomb, it also had a really important message which Lush delivered well. The bomb also didn’t stain my bath or even leave a ring around the tub like some standard ballistics do. The scent wasn’t my usual choice but I loved the mix of pine needle oil, sandalwood oil, and cypress oil which created such a fresh smell. Lush has done it once again!

Happy reading!

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