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Double Double Toil Blog Tour: An Interview with the Author’s Writing Cat + Sneak Peak Inside the Book!

As you may have noticed, it’s been a while since A Redhead’s Rambling has been seen in the blogging world but today I’m super excited to take part in the blog tour for Double Double Toil by Amber Elby, including an interview with Leo, her cat, and a sneaky look at a page of the book!


An Interview with Leo the Writing Cat

Leo on Pillow

“First off, tell us a little about yourself. How did you get to be a writing cat?”

Well, my name is Leonidas – Leo for short – and I am a long haired orange tabby, Maine Coon mix. I was adopted from the Humane Society by the Elby family in 2006. At that time, there was another writing cat in the household named Ankh, who slept between the computer’s keyboard and monitor while the author wrote. When the author switched to a laptop, Ankh had trouble adapting, so I stepped in.

“What does it mean to be a writing cat?”

I curl up next to the author as she writes. Sometimes I lounge on her desk. Sometimes next to her, or at her feet. When I don’t hear the computer keys clicking, I purr. If the author goes into the kitchen, I grab a bite as well. Then I nap. Being a muse is tiring.

“What do you do apart from inspiring the author?”

I watch squirrels and lizards out the window, but the humans force me to say inside. I often play with my brother, Gnocchi; sometimes we fight, especially if he takes my place at the foot of the bed. And I sleep. A lot.

Leo“Where do you most like to sleep?”

During the day, I sleep many different places. But after dark, I prefer to sleep on the author’s husband’s pillow. Next to his head.

“Does that bother the humans?”

I don’t care.

“What advice do you have for other aspiring writing cats?”

Show up. Don’t hide under the bed or behind the curtains. When you hear your author’s computer keys clicking, curl up close enough for them to give you a pet. If you feel them getting frustrated, purr and rub against their ankles or give a friendly headbutt. Authors require constant support and reassurance. They need you, fellow felines. Be there for your author.


Double Double Toil

Six months after the events of Cauldron’s Bubble, Alda is stranded in her remote cottage, unable to recreate the magical object that allows her to travel between time and place. Meanwhile, Dreng’s home with Miranda on a distant island begins to crumble. They both escape to Fairy Land, where they become embroiled in a battle of immortals as the clans of Queen Titania and King Oberon fight for supremacy. In order to evade capture and return to their worlds, Dreng must rely on his adversary, Caliban, while Alda discovers an ally in the mysterious Ophelia. In a realm where only humans can die, will Alda and Dreng save themselves and, more importantly, each other? Or will they succumb to the fantastical powers in play?

Double Double Toil continues to build on the world introduced in Cauldron’s Bubble by intertwining Shakespeare’s plays in a unique and exciting way, introducing their stories to new readers and established Bard fans alike. Elements and characters from Hamlet, Macbeth, The Tempest, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Othello, and Romeo and Juliet combine in this fast-paced tale of magic and adventure. Read on…

Double Double Toil Cover


Page 13 – a sneak peak!

Earlier that week, Alda had seen them through the trees as she stood on an outcropping above the creek. They sang and chanted and played with cards and divination. But Alda knew they were not magical, not like her grandmother. Still, the spiritualists had what seemed to be rituals, some of which could be dangerous. Perhaps one of them had screamed. Or caused someone to scream.

So Alda turned to the right.

After a few moments, the moon disappeared behind a cloud.

She stopped, waiting for its light to return. When it finally broke through, Alda could see the path as well as in daylight.

Despite this illumination, everything seemed different in the moonlight: shimmering shades and exaggerated shadows.

Above the Ledge Path, uphill from the river, were two boulders. They looked familiar, but Alda knew she had never seen them before. Why did she recognize them?

Then she remembered the Stream of Consciousness, the nymphs’ enchanted dwelling place on Prospero’s island. This had all been in her vision: two enormous stones, low-growing ferns, and trees bent into the shape of a tunnel.

Why had she not noticed this path before?

Had it existed before now?

Did it even exist, now?

Without hesitation, before Alda succumbed to worry or fear, she clambered up the rise and between the boulders.


Thank you so much Amber for allowing me to take part in your blog tour! I’m so excited to get reading Double Double Toil and continue the magical journey. If you are a book blogger, reader, teacher, or general book enthusiast, Amber is launching Double Double Toil in Austin, Texas at Malvern Books on October 14 at 2:00 p.m. and the Mid-Cities Teen Book Fest at North Richland Hills Library in Texas on October 20 from 11:00 to 5:00. I’d certainly be racing there if I could zoom across the globe, just like Alda!

Happy reading!

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