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ARCs & Books I’m Reviewing in 2018

As January slowly comes to an end and 2018 is in full swing I started thinking about the ARCs and books I’ve been sent to review. I’ve managed to show lots of restraint since joining Netgalley and actively asking for proofs from publishers so this is a pretty short list. However, I always like a…… Continue reading ARCs & Books I’m Reviewing in 2018

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Top 5 Tips to De-stress

As Mental Health Awareness Week draws to a close I thought I’d share some tips to help you deal with the bad days. Whether you’re suffering from a mental health problem or you’re just having a difficult time right now, maintaining a good physical, emotional, and mental health is always important. But we all know…… Continue reading Top 5 Tips to De-stress

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13 Reasons Why (Netflix) Review

13 Reasons Why is the newest Netflix series and an adaptation of the book of the same name. This series had a lot of build up before its release, but the hype after it was dropped was unreal. I’ve never read the book, but I couldn’t wait to give it a go. Taking place after…… Continue reading 13 Reasons Why (Netflix) Review

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My Top 5 Disney Mums

I’ve been unimaginably busy with the hectic assessment schedule that comes with being a third year drama student at university. Unfortunately this means I don’t have any books or films to review for you (I’m slowly making my way through The Lord of the Rings, so that will be with you soon!). So, I thought…… Continue reading My Top 5 Disney Mums

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So, I decided to start a blog…

For a while now I’ve been wanting to start a blog but there was one problem, what would I write about? Books, theatre, films… I even debated a Disney blog! I settled on life. My life. Bloggers are often pigeon holed into one category, but I want you to hear all my thoughts and ramblings (hence…… Continue reading So, I decided to start a blog…