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Wonder Woman Review

As someone who is a huge fan of superhero and action films, I still remember watching the trailer for Wonder Woman months ago and having such a unique response to what I’d just seen. For 21 years I have enjoyed this genre of film, with hardly any focus on women. Of course, there were supporting roles and heroes I could look up to. I fell in love with Marvel’s Black Widow, but I yearned for more. For a female to have her solo film and to own it. I’m not always a fan of DC (Batman is really whiney and they only feature the same few characters) but Wonder Woman has completely changed my mind, and blown it away at the same time!

Wonder Woman opened with images of strong warrior women in practice, with a young Diana (before she was known by her infamous superhero name) wanting to join. Not only were the training scenes so well done, with the sheer strength of women being the focus, but the scenery was also gorgeous. Patty Jenkins clearly put so much thought into every image, with no detail being missed. I immediately fell in love with the film, just from this short opening sequence. An island full of warrior women – what more could we girls want?! What I enjoyed most about the concept behind Diana and the Amazons wasn’t their ability to live without men, but the way they held the same attributes whilst maintaining their femininity. Their outfits were beautiful, and often figure hugging, but they were still fierce and clearly able to protect themselves.

The film continued to impress me when Diana sacrificed herself for the good of the world, leaving her secret island to defend mankind after Steve Trevor, a British Intelligence spy, crash lands and tells of the horrors he’s witnessed in the war to end all wars. The context of war was the perfect setting for this film, blurring Greek mythology with recognisable history. Along her journey she met many men where she proved to be the most courageous soldier, always putting the good of the people before herself. But she never overshadowed the men. Diana always strived to bring out the best in everybody, encouraging the men with their strengths and building a team worthy of saving the world. With a great plot and characters you could get behind, now all the film needed was a fight scene to rival the many male heroes. And Wonder Woman did not just stop at one. The film was riddled with epic fight scenes, from rescuing small villages to tackling No Man’s Land. The cinematography was incredible, showing off the talented cast who had clearly trained hard for these moments. Wonder Woman pulled out all of the stocks with breathtaking special effects, and the fight scenes even featured the original Wonder Woman theme song, which was a nice nod to the franchise. The single female figure created scenes that rivalled all superhero films and evens stood out against groups like The Avengers.

I can’t write a review for this film without mentioning Gal Gadot, who played Wonder Woman. Gadot was easily the best choice for the role. She created an iconic character who will inspire all women, young and old, for years to come. Gadot captured love and expressed high morals, whilst still being a badass! I believe she will become a feminist icon, and deservedly so. The rest of the cast was also great, especially Chris Pine, who played Steve Trevor. His dealing with Diana created many humorous moments as he struggled to make her blend in to war time Britain. Jenkins did a great job with all aspects of this film, really doing Wonder Woman justice.

I can’t praise this film enough and I encourage everyone to give this a go! All superhero fanatics will definitely appreciate this film, and I’m sure everyone else will love it too. Of course, I have to encourage all women to watch Wonder Women and I hope they were all as inspired as I was. I will be talking about this film for years to come. Thank you DC, Jenkins, and Gadot for bringing me the first superhero film that allows a woman to lead her own story.

Happy watching!

2 thoughts on “Wonder Woman Review

  1. So much better than the previous DC films Man of Steel, Batman Vs Superman and Suicide Squad. Hopefully Diana/WW is given a leading role in Justice League!


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